Nikkis Painful Exam

Naughty Nikki, star of Galaxys Extreme Tit Torture movies has been sent to the evil Dr. Savage. Did somebody say “breast exam”? And Nikkis medical problem? Her boyfriend claims that she is too horny. Well, Dr. Rick has some quite menacing procedures that will definitely determine whether Nikkis “problem” is just a figment of her boyfriends imagination. And when the Dr.s pal Joe Gallant stops by to lend a hand in her exam, Nikkis medical “treatment” becomes quite excruciating. Including, having her tits bound with rope until they turn blue, harsh spanking and paddling and being tied to the gyno table where her pussy is stretched WIDE open, then doused with scorching hot candle wax. Rick and Joe are determined to get to the bottom of her problem.